Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'Realm' An Urban Enquiry. New works by Gabrielle Raaff and Lorenzo Nassimbeni at Salon 91. Opening 7th September at 7.30pm

The show runs until the 1st of October.

This is a brand new body of paintings. The works are in watercolour and I have taken my obsession with rooftops to a new dizzy height. Join us for a glass of bubbly on the opening night or make sure you get to see the show before it comes down on the 1st.

'Realm' an urban enquiry....

Urban landscapes can reveal much about a community’s interior , and the emotions that drive the human beings that inhabit it.

People get scared, and people make themselves feel safe. Our houses keep out others and protect us from danger….. even from each other. We fear the other , but we easily get lonely. Neighbourhoods keep help close at hand and share out our risk. A community of private spaces, each an architectural edifice showing personal territory but accumulating to describe the community.

Satellite perspectives and high-rise buildings can elevate the voyeur to where the homogeneity of the quest for individualism is clear but also to where one can glimpse the entire face of the community.

In Realm I referenced actual neighbourhoods and sections of Cape Town, the paintings reach for a deeper abstraction hoping to reveal more intrinsic signs of community; compositions look at archetypal symbols of safety, cohesion and defense.

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